We are a Brooklyn-based media relations, brand strategy + social media marketing firm focused on a wide range of brands helping to define the modern lifestyle—but our hearts belong to design.  

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What We Do.


MEDIA Relations

This is the foundation—the “bread and butter” of our profession. Thanks to years of working in this space, our team has built lasting personal connections with writers, editors, and freelance journalists all over the country.  The press looks to us as a resource for great clients and creative products that are well designed. We work tirelessly to make sure our approach best represents each client’s unique voice.

Brand communications

We consider the company vision, mission, and values when helping to build a single brand identity. Our work with both large and established companies, as well as smaller, up-and-coming brands, has taught us that what increases growth for one, is different from what drives visibility for another. We work to develop and market our clients to the press, as well as the broader target audiences, by communicating a company “voice” that supports the essence of who they are in an ever-changing marketplace.  


Exhibits & Events

We develop comprehensive programs, and work with our clients to execute plans of action while simultaneously generating buzz. Our experience includes brand launches, trade shows, CEU/A+D events, curated designer exhibits, desk side meetings, and press junkets... we’ve done it all.  


Multimedia Content

When it comes to telling our clients’ story we are a full-service, one-stop-shop. Our creative thinking and innovative approach doesn’t just apply to press releases. We know that companies need well-developed and eye-catching content to build and grow their brands.  Our carefully selected network of talented creatives allows us to offer a number of multimedia services including: copy writing; video content – from concept generation, camera work, editing, motion graphics, illustration/animation, to hyper and timelapse video; photography - product, portrait and event; brand identity - website, logo, collateral material design and production.

Social Media

We believe a personalized social media strategy is a vital and integral part of a company’s PR portfolio. We execute and launch original digital campaigns and create content that is sincere and true to our clients’ brands. We’re not about the cheap thrills of paid likes. We use social media tools in an organic way and believe that genuine engagement will enhance brand awareness and help our clients connect with industry influencers and a target audience.

Who We Are.


Dania Ahmad


Dania founded Good Word PR (formerly D Loves Design PR) four years ago after working at some of the most respected boutique firms in NYC. She has more than 16 years of PR, brand strategy and social media marketing experience and has represented some of the most recognized global design brands. Dania calls Brooklyn home and is often inspired by its immensely rich and creative culture.


Kristen Kelly
Social Media Strategist

Kristen began her career in the thick of NYC restaurant operations before moving to media & PR for a small restaurant group. In 2007 Kristen began building out social media platforms as the need for a digital presence became important for businesses. She later started a social media consultancy for clients in the lifestyle & hospitality worlds. She joined Good Word PR in 2016.


Ashley Guttuso
Account Executive


Ashley’s PR experience began in the nonprofit industry and transitioned to brand-building and social media cultivation for a small design company. She joined Good Word PR in 2015. When she’s not talking design with her creative colleagues, she loves checking out weekend farmers markets, live music, traveling, the desert, and exploring new spots in the city.



What’s the craziest thing you’ve had to do for work?
It’s a tie between trying to get a client on the Howard Stern Show and doing bathing suit makeovers on the Montel Williams Show.

What’s the best thing about your job?
I get to look at beautiful things all day long… and my colleagues and clients.

What’s your favorite Brooklyn hang out?
Greenwood Park (conveniently located right across the street from the office).

Where would you live if you left NYC?
Paris or Ramallah

What’s your favorite piece of furniture?
My desk, which was a piece in an exhibit I co-produced.  It’s made from reclaimed scaffolding wood and pipes.


What is your favorite travel destination?
Central America + Italy

What’s your favorite NYC hangout?
Brooklyn Bridge Park - where I've walked my chocolate lab for years and now has become this beautiful space for locals and tourists. 

What’s your favorite #?

Who is your favorite architect/designer?George Washington Smith who founded the California Spanish Colonial style movement.  I love a college dropout that goes on to found a movement, especially one that involves a little bit of old world grandeur. 

What's your favorite architectural city?
Nothing beats NYC because of the diversity and consistent layers of change but Antigua, Guatemala takes a close second. 


What’s your favorite neighborhood in New York?
Brooklyn is my borough. Williamsburg (where I call home) & the Greenpoint neighborhoods are my favorite. There's also something about the undeniable charm of the West Village neighborhood in Manhattan. 

If you had to pick another career what would it be?
Floral grower + herbalist

If you could take up a craft what would it be?
Ceramics or woodworking

What’s your favorite piece of furniture?
A bench made from a 1930s Persian rug—it’s the first furniture purchase I made!

Favorite travel destinations?
The Southwest and Central America. 


We have strategic relationships with collaborators and colleagues across the US and around the world.  Our wide network of creative associates means no project is too big or too far.


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